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little update. inb4 stop blogging faggot.

z3th (Aeternity, look above) is on the road to finish his next album. When he’s gonna finish it, I don’t know, he said he’s about 45% done yesterday. You can sample the first track here

Also more things were added to the download section of his site a long time ago, but I only got around to listening to them now, so if for whatever reason you’re reading this and didn’t listen to them yet, DO IT FAGGOT.

Also about uploading more shit? No, stop asking, I’ll do it when I feel like it (probably never. Sorry faggots, but it’s my shitty life, not yours), not when you want to. But please, if you want to RAGE HARD like someone in the comments in the post below, go ahead and do so, it was really fucking hilarious when he did it.

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lol hey

I’m still alive :O DISREGARD THAT I’M STILL SUCKING COCKS. oh, and no april fools for you here. but if you’re wondering, I’m still planning to get back to releasing stuff. also if you’re wondering, my plans are just for decoration.

OH YEAH, SHIKI’S BACK TO BEING A MELODIC TRANCE GOD OH YEAH OH YEAH AH AH AHHHHHH… I came. Except he did the same gay shit he was doing before again in RAZE2. HMMMMMMMM.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) Link to you? – Dramatic irony [CRTS-0011] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 SHIKI – ~ 7th Prologue ~
02 SHIKI – irony
03 SHIKI – 鶺鴒 [sekirei]
06 SHIKI – Qliphoth
07 SHIKI – Tree of Life

cranky’s remix CD of stuff that I don’t have. Kinda happy hardcore-y, but really good man, cranky’s p awesome.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) Feline Groove – HARD Re-MIX 2010 [FELN-00013] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 cranky – The Love Express (For Your Love remix)
02 cranky – Paradise Lost (Hurt Heaven remix)
03 cranky – MAHARANI (Maharaja Trance remix)
04 cranky – HARD de KONEKO (101 kittens remix)
05 cranky – positive + (positive dance remix)
07 cranky – Dee Dee Cee (Dear sexxx DanCer remix)
08 cranky – Chemical X (PWRPFF RAVES remix)
09 cranky – W.S.I. (L.S.I. remix)
10 cranky – High-Volume!! (Luvin’ You remix)
11 cranky – Diamond Dust (Snow remix)
12 cranky – UTOPIA (El Do ra do remix)

Really gay shit by miko’s solo circle. Tagged with miko in the artist field because it’s her album, but according to zoiq it’s because I’m a nigger and a faggot. Arranged by various people, last track arranged by Tsukasa. Even then, shit’s still pretty bad. But if you like her retarded baby singing, go ahead and grab it. Personally I was hoping she’d sing with her normal voice because she’s really quite a good singer, and even though she does it in one track, she uses autotune or something on it and shit sucks. Good job miko, you lost a fan, now go ahead and make more jew money. Also she used the same catalog ID as REDALiCE lol good job. The cover is pretty cool, though.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) Alternative ending – Everlasting Snow [AECD-0001] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 miko – Dream Fever
02 miko – Hold your colour
03 miko – Lycoris radiata
04 miko – In retrospect / In prospect
05 miko – The other side of …
06 miko – My world colored by yoU
07 miko – Everlasting Snow

Awesome multi-genre touhou album featuring many a coal guise. Really worth a shot, there’s bound to be something you’ll like here. Oh, and shitty cover ;A; Also, this is a UFO only arrange, forgot to mention.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) Sound.AVE – Lotus -ロータス- [SACD-0008] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 パポス – 魔界地方遊戯ソリテェア
02 fang – Ark
03 P*Light – Ghost Shout
04 fang – Chuる Chuる
05 パポス – the Day of collapse
06 Alabaster – Rutile
07 ショウガ – ルーカスイイン
08 DJ Noriken – LEN
09 liao – vacuous vortex
10 DJ490 – little_world
11 パポス – 環状七号線 ~Cosmic Line
12 fang – Thermobaric
13 源屋 – Sky Dream -minamotoya remix-
14 fang – Lotus
15 パポス – 閉雲京

Fucking awesome pseudo-classic stuff bag pipes and other stuff album by love solfege. Enjoy your instrumental verbose. Also vocals. And no decent cover for this, couldn’t find one anywhere.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) love solfege’ – the note of satanism [KDR-067] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 オーギュスト棒 – the note of satanism
02 オーギュスト棒 – isola
03 オーギュスト棒 – Kanon und Novellette in h-moll
04 オーギュスト棒 – 無神論者のためのセレナータ
05 オーギュスト棒 – 3C2
06 オーギュスト棒 – Silence of L.
07 オーギュスト棒 – Proschenie
08 オーギュスト棒 – Le dernier

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(C77) AVSS – LOUNGESTA SESSION-01 [OAX-03] (Vorbis)

Really awesome lounge album that even zoiq said is awesome, and he hates everything, so it must be good, right? Unless you don’t like this kind of stuff. I didn’t know I did like this kind of thing until I listened, so you may want to try it out just for kicks.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) AVSS – LOUNGESTA SESSION-01 [OAX-03] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 REd Hot HouSe feat.Maki Ozaki – Season goes by
02 Dee! – Stokesia
03 low – Aflo do Aviao
04 100-200 – yume
05 BUBBLE-B – mystique
06 Masato “MKS” Kisaragi – MAZE
07 フル○ンP & チーターガールP & KTG feat. GUMI – ロードショー
08 Dee! – Surf Groove
09 サーセンP & KTG – Astronomical Occult
10 kt2 – Night Flight

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oh hay guise

How’s your M-Neko going at C77?

Oh, and credits to Onoken for being awesome and shooping this.

Now here’s something truly awesome from this comiket, other than Demetori. MM finally decided to unsuck and make something worth our time and praise. This is like the first touhou album from AR that I truly like since lily of the incas’ live side, lol. But being unable to abandon his cocksucking habits completely, he had to include bad apple in a CD for the 38947238942793rd time. I forgive him this time.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) Alstroemeria Records – Plastik World [ARCD0030] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 Masayoshi Minoshima – God Know Will You To Love From True
02 Masayoshi Minoshima – Plain Asia
03 Syrufit – Wheel of Fortune
04 Masayoshi Minoshima – Saigetsu
05 Masayoshi Minoshima – Plastik World
06 Masayoshi Minoshima – m9
07 Syrufit – Times
08 Masayoshi Minoshima – Twilight Tea Room
09 Masayoshi Minoshima, Syrufit – Outro
10 五条下位 – Leading Phantasy
11 Masayoshi Minoshima – Bad Apple!! (Instrumental)

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