Posted by: Suion | 2009, December 12

Comic Market 2009 Winter (C77)

What: The most important independent manga event in the universe and probably the most important independent music event in Japan. tl;dr explanation here.
Where: Tokyo Big Sight.
When: December 29,30,31 in 2009.
Who: Download the catalog here.

So, I’ve been going really slowly lately. Let’s see how this will turn out. Also, Demetori.

Feel free to request anything, Comikets are well covered everywhere so I should be able to get everything or at least most of it. I hope you know this isn’t the place to request doujinshi.



  1. yay new Demetori cd :D – btw Suion what do you use for tagging?

  2. “I hope you know this isn’t the place to request doujinshi.”
    Oh yeah, we all KNEW THAT!!!
    But yeah, I’ll be disappointed yet again with no Mob Squad Tokyo releases anywhere in sight! Heck, I didn’t even see any MST releases from M3-24!!!

  3. Me neither, Muza =/

    Eric, I use foobar2000, its tagging interface is simple but works perfectly for me. The only quirk about it is that it can’t edit multiple tags for MP3 separately. But heck, who uses MP3?

  4. MST fucking sux, but theres going to be a new CD at c77.

    I currently have about 200 music entries on the catalogue checklist.

  5. Suion any hope this is still around ? i love the classic super Nintendo ff’s

  6. this too

  7. Ez-e: Be happy that I like to help everyone out. Could have google’d it yourself but w/e.
    PAEG-0002 and some other releases:

  8. Battlefield 1987


  9. Where is my other posts lol?
    BTW, can’t believe there will be a B&B release zomg…..

  10. doujincore does mp3 doesn’t it?

  11. Apparently yes. Don’t think I could complain much though, since they do release some hard to get stuff over there as well.
    BTW, I did post a link on your CROW’S CLAW album but somehow Suion didn’t approve that post yet. >_<

  12. there is a demo on the page for PURE EXISTENCE, the funny thing is that me and my friend were talking about how b&b should release a cd because he makes sum gud musik.

  13. Sorry lol, I’ve been busy with another MMORPG. I have those two crow’sclaw albums in MP3 in case of disaster. Check the comments, somehow muza and another guy posted links to them but they both went to pending for approval.

  14. Halozy – Starry Presto

    EastNewSound – Sacred Factor

    TatshMusicCircle – FAR EAST OF EAST II

    Pretty plss

  15. *facepalm*
    Well its your fault for not taking care of your blog lol.
    butts: Yeah, I’ve listened to the demo yesterday and it was really awesome. Looking forward to the album release!!! =D

  16. sweet thanks dudes -*downloading* i’m assuming all theses links r in mp3? i guess I’ll live with that if so :). happy holidays guys :D

  17. I’m only looking forward to Tatsh’s release, Vertago, but I’ll get the others too for kicks. I’m seriously looking forward to ENS’s full instrumental version of that album, though.

  18. Update your blog dammit!!!
    Do post some shit here, don’t care what it is just post something!!!!

  19. two new t+pazolite albums

  20. Please share Asriel – Devils Lullaby on Mediafire links….

  21. Oh hay, back. Remember, I don’t have share and comiket isn’t over yet.

  22. Oh lmao, I really didn’t see that coming…
    Oh, and happy new year to you too Suionfaggot…

  23. ASRIEL WHEEREERRREEEEE I WANT IT TOOOOOOO. Oh also, I’m tagging stuff, so it’s coming. And check zoiq’s new blog at

  24. Torrent’s coverage on this comiket is sucking ass. Even with Lighter being awesome, it’s still not enough. I’m still waiting for iron attack, halozy, asriel… I guess I’ll have to dig for them later.

    You guys may want to check, he’s been going much faster than me.

  25. Do you guys have a rough eta on Bastard Pop Terrorists Vol10?

  26. i have it

  27. Upload a rip?

  28. Eh. There has been an mp3 rip floating around for the past few days actually.

  29. probably the one i uploaded

  30. Dude… I love you.

  31. eh no problem

  32. Hey do you know where i can download this??? I’ve been trying really hard to find it but i can’t…

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