Metadata Format

Why so much care with the metadata you ask? Because I like it and I think it’s useful, but almost nobody wants to do this boring and unrewarding work, so I thought I’d do it myself. All of this started with NEET, though, so it’s their fault. Also, I will not romanize anything, go learn japanese instead. Tags will always have the following VorbisComments fields:

  • ALBUM for the album name (e.g. The Dark Side of the Moon)
  • ARTIST will be used for the arranger of the track or the singer, whoever is more relevant in the context of the album (e.g. John Williams, Michael Jackson)
  • TITLE for the track title (e.g. Billie Jean)
  • DATE will always be formatted in yyyy-mm-dd, but it may only contain the year depending on how much information I can find (e.g. 1666-06-16)
  • GENRE will specify 同人 when it’s a doujin music release. It may also specify the album theme, for example 東方, Vocaloid, Key, TYPE-MOON. It may be empty for commercial releases and other stuff. Also, you won’t find true genre information here such as hardcore, rock, pop, etc as I don’t believe in that, so don’t ask. Unless it’s written somewhere in the booklet, in which case I will put it here (e.g. 同人; 東方; Vocaloid)
  • ALBUMARTIST will be used for the doujin circle that released the album. In other cases it may contain band name or some such (e.g. Alstroemeria Records)
  • DISCNUMBER will be present even if the album only contains one disc
  • TOTALDISCS same as above
  • replaygain_X are the metadata fields for replaygain information. foobar2000 doesn’t display this field together with the other metadata fields in the properties window, I don’t know about the other players
The following fields may also be present:
  • ARRANGER in case ARTIST is not the one who arranged the track, this field will be present (e.g. Yuki Kajiura)
  • COMPOSER is the composer of the track in case he’s not also the arranger (e.g. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  • LYRICIST if it’s a vocal track
  • PERFORMER:X where X can be various things, such as VOCALS, GUITAR, BASS, CHOIR, NARRATION. Most likely only PERFORMER:VOCALS will be present, and in this case ARTIST will feature who arranged the track, but also a whole band may be featured in these fields
  • ORIGINALALBUM if the track is an arrange of some existing song, this will be present. Usually it will only be filled with booklet information unless I’m pretty sure about what I’m guessing. Also, it won’t necessarily be an album name, it can be a game name, anime or anything. Maybe I should have used something else, oh well. Will more often than not feature something from touhou (e.g. 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism.)
  • ORIGINALARTIST same as above, but with whoever composed the song (e.g. ZUN)
  • ORIGINALTITLE same as above, but with the song name (e.g. 霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion)
  • CONVENTION is the event in which the CD was released (e.g. M3-2007春)
  • COMIKET will be used instead of convention when the CD was released in a Comic Market, and will feature the Comiket number (e.g. 69)
  • CATALOGID for the catalog ID of the CD (e.g. LOLI-0001)
  • COMMENT will usually credit the lossless source from which I got the CD, but I may write anything here
  • DISCID is a mysterious number
  • PART will be present if the release has more than one disc and each has a different name, for example. Or if a disc is divided in original and arranged parts, for example, but only if such division exists in the official material. ALBUM field will always be constant in a single release, so for example, in Pearl Jam’s rearviewmirror, the whole release would have “rearviewmirror” in ALBUM, and PART would be “Up Side” for one disc and “Down Side” for the other


  1. There was some confusion with ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM ARTIST, and LABELID and CATALOGID in my earliest releases. I slept in the stop and fucked shit up, this won’t happen again (well, hopefully). I’ll use what’s stated here, ALBUMARTIST and CATALOGID. First batch has fixed tags, but the mediafire links don’t.

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