Questions? Answers!

Feel free to ask your questions regarding stuff other than a release here. Requests DO NOT go here. Joke questions are in the end, less joke ones are before those. Check back every now and then, as I think of new stuff to add here with some frequency.

Q: Why Doujin Music only?
A: If I had the time and the bandwidth, I’d love to release all kinds of japanese music with beautiful tags and in Vorbis, but I chose doujin music because I feel there aren’t enough doujin music release groups around to make the stuff available to everyone. Maybe in the future there will be as many people releasing music from this awesome share of the japanese music industry as there are people who release J-pop and anison today.

Q: Why Vorbis?
A: Because MP3 deserves to die. And after it’s dead, the best successor is obviously one that’s free to use for everyone, and one that can support whatever will come after CDDA finally kicks the bucket too, and that is Vorbis. There’s Musepack too, but it’s just not as popular.

Q by byob: why do you encode @ q5? q8 (~256) at least =[
A:The pretentious audiophile community agrees that q5 vorbis is already transparent for almost everyone (which is everyone who’s not lying, I believe). Also, some studies [which?] conclude that even MPtrash at 128kbps is transparent for most people. So, why don’t I release encodes in qOVER9000? No wait, why don’t I release my music in .wav? NO WAIT, why not .aiff, 5.1 channels, 96khz sampling rate? Because this music blog is for LOSSY music. And what’s the point of lossy? Achieving transparency at the lowest bitrate possible. If your pretentious self feels bothered by the nearly inaudible differences between vorbis q5 and the original lossless, I suggest you go and get the original lossless and GTFO my blog. Another unrelated issue is that my upload speed sucks huge cocks, so maybe I should just release everything in q3 or q4? The only situation that could make me concede to using a higher bitrate is when q5 isn’t enough to compress the waveform’s details and introduces artifacts in the lossy encode, in which case you’re supposed to whine and whine and whine at me because I’m a real noob when it comes to listening to details. Oh, one last thing, Vorbis isn’t MP3, it’s BETTER. So whatever bitrate it is that MP3 achieves transparency at, Vorbis almost certainly achieves it at a lower one for the same waveform.
tl;dr because no, the encodes will come in q5 OR LESS, unless the encoding fucks the song up big time. Otherwise, end of story.

A: Haha, kill yourself. No, I kid. Just write .rar as the file extension, the filename of the compressed files is irrelevant, it’s the same as the name of the folder inside. Step by step solution for the mentally impaired: Step 1 – when you’re prompted to choose where to save the file, write anything-you-want.rar in the name field (e.g. COCKS.rar or CHILDPORN.rar). There’s no step 2. If the release consists of multiple parts, write whatever.partX.rar at the end, where X is the part number, and “whatever” must be the same for all parts. Alternatively, you can copy the filename in the name field when you’re asked where you want to save the file. It’s written in dark blue, fontsize=over9000 right in front of your face in mediafire’s download page.

Q: Hey, can I post stuff here too?
A: Sure, catch me up on IRC and we’ll discuss the matter. But you don’t want to tag everything the way I do. And I don’t want to write my standards to be intelligible to you. So, no, go away.

Q: My iPod can’t play Vorbis, what should I do? :(
A: There are many things you can do about it, most of them are really painful and none of them involve being here downloading my releases. But you can try rockbox and come back later. However the optimal solution would be selling your iPod to a sheep and buying something else.

Q: My player can’t play Vorbis, what should I do? :(
A: If you’re on Wicrosoft Mindows and you’re not using foobar2000, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. If you’re not on Mindows, I can’t help you. According to the NEETfags, “for people with UNIX or UNIX-like systems there is a fabulous player called Quod Libet”. So, it seems it’s pretty fabulous, but foobar is probably better and everyone knows windows vista is better than Lunix.

Q: What are those Current, Next and Past events?
A: Current Events are the recent past events that I still plan on releasing stuff, so expect music from them. Next Events are the upcoming events I plan to cover. So, C91282 is an upcoming event I plan to cover, why is it not in the list? To keep things clean I’ll just keep the very next event, unless there are two events with (almost) overlapping dates. Past Events are the events I already covered (so C1 will not be in the list) and from which I don’t plan to release anymore music.

Q: Why is the name of your blog in japanese? You fucking weeaboo faggot.
A: Yeah, right, and you’re here downloading doujin music. Very nice.

Q: WHY IS IT NOT イオシス????

Q: My name is Masayoshi Minoshima/源屋/REDALiCE/Alabaster/ARM/ビートまりお and I don’t like what you’re doing. Can you stop?
A: No, I can’t. Well, I can, but I won’t. The information that represents your work is in my possession and I’m free to do whatever I want with it, be it lawfully or not, until I’m not free to do what I want anymore. If you can make your work available where I live without me needing to pay more twice its price in shipping, I’ll be more than happy to buy it and recommend it to all my friends if it’s good. Until then, you’ll have to suck it up and I’ll keep getting your stuff for free. Plus, I’m sure ZUN doesn’t mind you people making money off of HIS works, or do every one of you pay him royalties for every one of his compositions you arrange?

Q: What kind of faggot are you?
A: I’m an all loving faggot, which means you’ll find here most of the popular and trendy releases you can find everywhere and many things the majority considers to be utter and absolute shit, like Touhou, J-core, Vocaloids, vocals, instrumental, *core, hard*, metal, gothic, fantasy, techno, pop, rock, akiba pop, helium girls, orchestra, jazz, etc.



  1. oh. first.

  2. why do you encode @ q5? q8 (~256) at least =[

    Question answered in the main post.

  3. >Q: My name is [] and I don’t like what you’re doing. Can you stop?

    God yes I love you.

  4. Q: My iPod can’t play Vorbis, what can I do?

    cowon d2 you fucking ipod peasants

  5. Omg. I lol’d at selling you’re ipod to a sheep and buying something else : D Great job.

  6. I just realized when I had it set to open in foobar, it said “Unable to open item for playback (Unsupported file format):”
    How can I get it to work?

  7. Lenna, can you provide additional details, such as complete filepath, if it opens in other players or not? And uhh, sorry for not answering sooner.

  8. Winamp gets no love?

  9. No, go away.

  10. any other portable music players you can recommend?

  11. Yeah, there’s a link over there. It points to cowon’s website if you can’t find it in the wall of text.

  12. I seen that, but is the model the shows when the link is clicked the one you recommend, as is that what you use? How would you rate it as a whole? I am prone to dropping my shit.

  13. Eh, I don’t own a cowon myself, so I don’t know. You should try looking at the models yourself and see if you think any of them suits you better. Personally I’d get an S9 if I could, but mostly because it looks awesome. If not for looks, D2+ seems the best choice for me.

  14. thanks for propogating dA TrUtH suion. we are here for the MuSiC are we not, and just as we deserve only the very best on our desktop, we should have that same quality on the go.


    yeah i would also recommend s9 and samsung p2/p3 for something more familiar (wait we are listening to unknown jap bs anyways oh)

  15. yo butts, i’ve dropped my d2 vanilla like 3x on solid concrete, has a series of cracks along the bottom right corner that is ver. debilitating. it prevents me access to a convenient “close” button but is all good otherwise.

    it is a grate player for new and vet dudes alike but take it from me i would get a case for it just in case, even a silicon one prob would have saved me a lot of ‘going back to da fucken menu to exit something’. go nuts

    ps. my new s9 is slightly more annoying to use than my d2 but yea it looks dope LoL

  16. I was looking for more Doujin metal music thanks. Great Blog amigo!!

  17. sandink sansa clip+ (and probably fuze/clip) play vorbis/flac perfectly, it also support tags in moonspeak.

  18. You are aware that people can just download an ogg to mp3 converter if they have a fit over the format, right?

  19. Thanks for all the great music over the years, faggot. It’s thanks to you I was able to stop sucking Apple’s cock and discover some good artists that most likely work at gas stations.

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