Posted by: Suion | 2009, September 26

(C76) ALiCE’S EMOTiON – COLORS -カラーズ- [AECD-018] (Vorbis)


I remember some people saying how REDALiCE had only been putting out shit lately, personally I think he still delivers and this album mix vocals and electronic arrangements pretty nicely. Even if you disagree, this album wraps up with Tsukasa being awesome, so I’d suggest it just for his track anyway

[水音] (2009-08-15) (C76) ALiCE’S EMOTiON – COLORS -カラーズ- [AECD-018] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 REDALiCE – Truth *intro
02 REDALiCE – Deadline
03 REDALiCE – Colors
04 Betwixt&Between – Nemesis
05 REDALiCE – Elebreaka
06 kz – Sleeping Beauty
07 REDALiCE – Piece of Blossom
08 DJ Noriken – Artificial Flower Garden
09 REDALiCE – Sakura Distortion
10 天音 – Revered Collapse
11 REDALiCE – Tears Doll
12 Betwixt&Between – blood sacrifice
13 Tsukasa – Accelerator



  1. File removed.. どうしよう

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