Posted by: Suion | 2010, January 4

(C77) AVSS – LOUNGESTA SESSION-01 [OAX-03] (Vorbis)

Really awesome lounge album that even zoiq said is awesome, and he hates everything, so it must be good, right? Unless you don’t like this kind of stuff. I didn’t know I did like this kind of thing until I listened, so you may want to try it out just for kicks.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) AVSS – LOUNGESTA SESSION-01 [OAX-03] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 REd Hot HouSe feat.Maki Ozaki – Season goes by
02 Dee! – Stokesia
03 low – Aflo do Aviao
04 100-200 – yume
05 BUBBLE-B – mystique
06 Masato “MKS” Kisaragi – MAZE
07 フル○ンP & チーターガールP & KTG feat. GUMI – ロードショー
08 Dee! – Surf Groove
09 サーセンP & KTG – Astronomical Occult
10 kt2 – Night Flight


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