Posted by: Suion | 2009, September 29

例大祭6 (Reitaisai 6)

If you didn’t know, Reitaisai 6 is long over.


Man, I wish I knew how to make all that cool event information NEET does. I guess my fault for being mostly unable to japanese. So, yeah, I got some stuff from this event that NEET didn’t release, including the huge touhou box from Iemitsu. (without booklets, tagging will be hell…) which I’ll upload eventually, probably. For the moment, nothing will be put out. But if there’s anything you deperately need from the list below, leave a comment here. I’ll likely release most, if not all of them. Also, if there’s something NOT from the list, you can also request, but I can’t guarantee anything.

AniPix – Rectia
Iemitsu. – We Love the Toho Rmxes! HUGE BOX WITH 10 CDS
IOSYS – bloom
IOSYS – 東方超都魔転
laughing out loud – T×T ~TH TRANCE~ 初回盤
Light?Staff – トビラ
Rolling Contact – PEACE YO!
Silver Forest – Lunatic Beat
っ´Д`)っゼロ式の家 – Eternal Force Blizzard
まぐなむお~ぱす – 東方幻有夢境 ~depth psychology of unconsciousness~

I’ll just leave these here: Neither of the links are related to me.



  1. When i was looking at which songs was what on the new AQUAELIE cd i noticed this other cd that was release at Reitaisai 6.

  2. Sucks, but I don’t have it and didn’t find it in lossless around on trackers. But search the mediafire link in this post, you can get it there in MPtrash.

  3. ty

  4. Eric, I found AQUAELIE’s reitai6 CD on an awesome chinese site, will release it soon.

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