Posted by: Suion | 2010, January 4

(C77) Alternative ending – Everlasting Snow [AECD-0001] (Vorbis)

Really gay shit by miko’s solo circle. Tagged with miko in the artist field because it’s her album, but according to zoiq it’s because I’m a nigger and a faggot. Arranged by various people, last track arranged by Tsukasa. Even then, shit’s still pretty bad. But if you like her retarded baby singing, go ahead and grab it. Personally I was hoping she’d sing with her normal voice because she’s really quite a good singer, and even though she does it in one track, she uses autotune or something on it and shit sucks. Good job miko, you lost a fan, now go ahead and make more jew money. Also she used the same catalog ID as REDALiCE lol good job. The cover is pretty cool, though.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) Alternative ending – Everlasting Snow [AECD-0001] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 miko – Dream Fever
02 miko – Hold your colour
03 miko – Lycoris radiata
04 miko – In retrospect / In prospect
05 miko – The other side of …
06 miko – My world colored by yoU
07 miko – Everlasting Snow



  1. I think this is good stuff, dude!

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