Posted by: Suion | 2009, December 3

(M3-2009秋) solfa feat. 茶太 – 虹色ポップス [MSRC-040] (Vorbis)

Rainbow coloured POPPUSU!! Awesome doujin pop album featuring Chata on vocals for the extra win. Actually Chata is what makes this album awesome, but I don’t care, album’s awesome too lalala can’t hear you, I love doujin pop. I’m also adding a category to put every album that has Chata singing since I love her vocals so much.

[水音] (2009-10-11) (M3-2009秋) solfa feat. 茶太 – 虹色ポップス [MSRC-040] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 iyuna – 流れ星サイクリング
02 iyuna, 伊吹コキヒロ – シャボン玉ホリデイ
03 iyuna – 刹那トライアングル
04 iyuna – 向かい風レインボウ
05 伊吹コキヒロ – 初恋シークレット
06 伊吹コキヒロ – 木漏れ陽スローカーブ
07 伊吹コキヒロ – 秋風ガール
08 伊吹コキヒロ – 夏空ティアドロップ
09 伊吹コキヒロ – 大空ウィング



  1. Suion can u release this for me i must have it >.<

  2. Ugh, sorry, I don’t see it anywhere. Seems it didn’t even get on share.

  3. damn it :(

  4. Just buy it:

  5. i can’t read the site and i don’t even know if they ship to where i live

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