Posted by: Suion | 2009, October 5

ViViX – 東方緋想天とらのあな初回購入特典CD (Vorbis/FLAC)


Now for something different. Apparently this was given as a gift to those who bought the first copies of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody from toranoana. This is a 2 track CD with what I think are some of the best touhou arranges I’ve ever listened to. It’s also the last CD I got from Godspeed… fucking Godspeed… Vorbis and FLAC versions for this one because you want them. And no, I won’t start uploading lossless versions of everything, just of very few, very good and very small CDs.

[水音] (2008) ViViX – 東方緋想天とらのあな初回購入特典CD (Vorbis)
[水音] (2008) ViViX – 東方緋想天とらのあな初回購入特典CD (FLAC)

Track list:
01 Godspeed – Wild Moon
02 Godspeed – Rage

On another note, I also added a lossless version for EASTERN CROSS’s 2 track CD. You may notice a very small difference between the tags of the FLAC and Vorbis versions. I make undocumented changes to the tags with some frequency, so some of the things I have uploaded are outdated already, but I will only reupload them in case I absolutely need to. If I ever batch my releases, however, they will have been already archived and with the latest tag schemes.



  1. Both links are dead. Could you reupload it, please?

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