1. Sound of Water claims it doesn’t own any of the music released here and probably never will, unless stated otherwise. If you feel offended by the previous statement, you may leave. Also, have some eyebleach on your way out.
  2. SoW will strive to make the metadata as grand as possible, as inspired by NEET. More on metadata formatting here.
  3. SoW will aim to be a Doujin Music release group and that’s it. Eventually something that’s not doujin may be released, but if you came here looking for such music, you’re in the wrong place. Why doujin music only?
  4. SoW will only release music in the Ogg Vorbis audio codec, quality setting 5 (160kbps nominal bitrate), using Aoyume’s tuned encoder (aoTuV). Eventually something may be posted that’s not encoded in Vorbis. Such posts will not be released under SoW’s name. Why Vorbis?
  5. SoW will primarily use MediaFire to release music. Torrents are the best way to release music in my opinion, but they won’t be considered unless someone with capable bandwidth shows up to seed for me.
  6. SoW is NOT a discography group. If a circle’s discography didn’t start at C76, don’t expect to find it here unless I can get it from someone else to encode, which is very unlikely.

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