Posted by: Suion | 2009, October 4

M3-2009秋 (M3-24)


Name: M3-2009 Fall, M3-24
What: Independent japanese music event, similar to Comiket in that Comiket is for comics (although a lot of music is also featured there) and M3 is for music. But M3 is for music only, nothing else.
Where: Dunno, I don’t read enough moonspeak, but the website is here.
When: 2009-10-11 (October 11th, in 7 days.)
Who: List of all the circles featured in the event.
It seems over 9000 thousand of my favourite circles and some of everyone’s favourites will be featured there, so if there’s enough coverage around in torrents, expect lots of releases from me. I don’t use share, winny or perfect dark, so I may miss out on a lot of things, unfortunately. But if you do and want to contribute something, please feel free to do so.
You can add your favourite circle to my list of favourite circles here. You can also spam your wishlist, just don’t spam porn links. Onoken fag may also spam his generic drama. Also, I added a “Current Event” thing on the right, it will change to M3 once M3 happens, but you can expect some leftovers from C76 even after M3. Nevermind, read the news post somewhere above.


  1. Everything from MST please:
    DJ Schwarzenegger – Arnold Archives 2
    Round Wave Crusher – Born in the wrong place
    die!!die!!color!!! – PHOTONOISE


  2. Nadeco – Floracion

  3. lol, Nana Mizuki is second, right after SHIKI.

  4. Circles I recognized and would like to see releases from:
    Foreground Eclipse
    ロリィタ ノイロォゼ
    PHOENIX Project

    I’ll probably grab some stuff from share and encode it to q5 vorbis for myself before you release it to, but I’ll grab your releases later then.

  5. Forgot these:

  6. Omni force Records - omnifarious

    new label full of win.

  7. OMG MAN, I NEED TO BUY A NEW HD LOL. FOR LIKE 1 OR 2 MONTHS ALREADY. If I don’t do it saturday I’ll hikkikomori from the internet. Also my internet started sucking in epic levels yesterday and still didn’t stop. So sorry if I can’t release too much stuff from M3 because of it, and I swear it’s not because this korean MMO I’ve been playing is pretty cool.

  8. Great job cocksucker for impersonating me.

  9. Yeah noob, you forgot to fake his IP.

  10. >>cocksucker
    You suck cocks?

  11. I want to see DJ Technetium (Cis-Trance)’s new album:

  12. hay guise. I don’t want to pop the pretty soap bubble I blew, but you’re not getting any if I don’t see them in torrents around. I don’t have Share to steal the things directly from Japan.

  13. Although I do have to say any Cis-Trance albums are hard to come by…. =(

  14. Well, I’ve been staring at Share all day and there’s only a few albums mentioned ITT (A-One, MintJam, forest)

    Suion would be best looking here if you weren’t already:

  15. Thanks Maiden. I’ve been with this impression for some time now that tokyotosho and nyaatorrents are the same thing, I got all of those from nyaa already. Some stuff in MPtrash popped up in isohunt and chinese trackers too, but fuck those. I’ll release some of them tomorrow if I don’t waste myself all evening fapping.

  16. Could you up Overdose Distortion by Sketch Up Recordings?

  17. Try doujincore, if it isn’t there, I doubt it’s anywhere public yet.

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