Aeternity, a friend of ZOiQ and a lurker in my IRC channel, also happens to make music and he released this for free on his website, so I thought I’d support him by posting it here. Very good trance, pretty sure he could get some money if he sold this on some event. Uhh, I also forgot to rename the cover file to “cover”.

His website. You can get a lossless version with the original tags there. If you NEED NEED AND NEED an MPtrash version, there’s also one there. It seems he’s doing some more stuff. Dunno when it comes out, though.

[水音] (2009-11-12) Aeternity – Aeternal Trancer EP (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 Aeternity – Intro ~ Aeternal Ballad
02 Aeternity – Near Life Experience -Hardcore Mix-
03 Aeternity – Freespace
04 Aeternity – Epiphany
05 Aeternity – Dreaminess
06 Aeternity – Aural Night


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