Posted by: Suion | 2010, January 4

(C77) Sound.AVE – Lotus -ロータス- [SACD-0008] (Vorbis)

Awesome multi-genre touhou album featuring many a coal guise. Really worth a shot, there’s bound to be something you’ll like here. Oh, and shitty cover ;A; Also, this is a UFO only arrange, forgot to mention.

[水音] (2009-12-30) (C77) Sound.AVE – Lotus -ロータス- [SACD-0008] (Vorbis)

Track list:
01 パポス – 魔界地方遊戯ソリテェア
02 fang – Ark
03 P*Light – Ghost Shout
04 fang – Chuる Chuる
05 パポス – the Day of collapse
06 Alabaster – Rutile
07 ショウガ – ルーカスイイン
08 DJ Noriken – LEN
09 liao – vacuous vortex
10 DJ490 – little_world
11 パポス – 環状七号線 ~Cosmic Line
12 fang – Thermobaric
13 源屋 – Sky Dream -minamotoya remix-
14 fang – Lotus
15 パポス – 閉雲京



  1. wow is the alabaster track any good? evaluating if i should download or not

  2. Well, I like it, but you know how I like everything and cocks and all. It’s an arrange of 虎柄の毘沙門天 from UFO.

  3. Yes, this is well worth downloading even if it’s just for Alabaster’s track. Amazing what he does with it. Also, I believe this is the first touhou arrange track that he’s done.

  4. Thanks a lot

  5. thanks

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